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26. oktober 2022


All Danish universities join forces for the largest research and tech fair in the Nordic region

25-26 October 2022

Building European Tech Resilience

Today, Europe finds itself at an important point in time. The geopolitical changes in recent years have led to shifting global powers and changing supply chains, and these trends have only been accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic. To withstand these strong winds of change, we need to build a stronger, more resilient, green and tech based future for Europe - starting today.

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The event includes the following session from FED:

Digital Energy: Techniques, flexibility and sector coupling

26 October (10:00am - 11:15 am)

Organized by AAU in collaboration with SDU, DTU, AU, Center Denmark and FlexShape

The session will focus on hot topics within the digitalization of the energy sector, including new techniques for the energy metaverse, visual analytics, reinforcement learning, and data spaces, as well as flexibility and sector coupling in relation to renewable energy and energy communities. 


Introduction: Torben Bach Pedersen, Professor, AAU

Scientific Talk: “The Energy Metaverse – a virtual living lab of the energy ecosystem”, Bo Nørregaard Jørgensen, Professor and Center Lead, SDU Center for Energy Informatics

Scientific Talk: “Digitalisation for the future weather-driven energy system”, Henrik Madsen, Professor,  DTU

Scientific Talk: “Reinforcement Learning for Green Energy Buildings”, Peter Gjøl Jensen, Assistant Professor, AAU

Scientific Talk: “Visual Analytics for Energy Data”, Hans Jörg Schultz, Associate Professor, AU

Business Talk: “How to set data free and couple all energy sectors - A European approach to data spaces and digital innovation”, Søren Skov Bording, Director, Center Denmark

Business Talk: “Local Sector Coupling and Flexibility in Energy Community Avedøre with FlexShape Aggregator-as-a-Service”, Laurynas Siksnys, CEO, FlexShape


Chair: Professor Torben Bach Pedersen, AAU

Session coordinator: Jens Erik Pedersen, AAU