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Onsdag 1. Dec. 2021

Digital tech summit

All Danish universities join forces for the largest research and tech fair in the Nordic region

d. 30. nov - 1. dec 2021

Artificial intelligence, quantum computing and machine learning are technologies that are transforming our world and will become the next gamechanger for Danish companies. Being a leader in digital technologies is crucial for both the individual company and Denmark's entire competitiveness.
This is why the entire community of Danish universities now join forces with the Danish ICT Industry Association (IT-Branchen) and The Media House of Technology (Teknologiens Mediehus) to create a focal point for showcasing the latest research and the large number of businesses and start-ups driving the digital development in Denmark and the Nordic region. Together, they will ensure that the strong position of Danish research within digital technologies is transformed into new business models with companies in Denmark, will stimulate growth in small and medium-sized enterprises and unicorns, and promote innovation and startup activities in our society.


Mark Riis, Conference Director, Head of Innovation, DTU Compute, + 45 61396354,
Anders Pall Skött, Co-organizer, Head of Business & Innovation, DIKU, Univ. of Copenhagen,
Per Bach, consultant, sale of stands and sponsorships, DTU Compute, + 45 28109504,